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Richard Bergendi

Latest kitchen appliances for home as well as business.


Latest Swing car for kids. Smooth riding and maximum safety with seat belts. 


Lightweight electric bike with superbly designed folding system, easy to carry, anytime, at any place.


Europe UL certified electric hoverboards for a smooth ride on all terrains.

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From kitchen appliances to kids electric vehicles, from hoverboards to hoobike and much more, all at one place.

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All latest kitchen appliances for home as well as business.


New models of kids electric vehicles desgined for all terrains which comes with latest technology remote control for full parental control.

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Europe UL certified hoverboards for smooth riding on all terrains.

About Us

Beneoshop kitchen appliances range from chocolate fountains to popcorn maker, we have it all for home as well as businesses. Not only these, for children’s electric vehicles, we have new electric cars with all the latest models and latest technology remote control which provides full parental control. Our electric cars are suitable to drive on all terrains as it has shock absorbers and EVA polymer wheels. We have Europe UL certified hoverboards for a smooth ride on all-terrains while the electric scooter hoobike is foldable and enviornment friendly which you can ride and carry anywhere.

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Autíčko vyzerá super. Je to však darček k Vianociam, takže ho ešte nemáme vyskúšané. Každopádne dodanie bolo veľmi rýchle.
ZA TY PENÍZE ROZHODNĚ STOJÍ. V obchodě je cena nyní nejnižší. Děti jsou nadšené a my dospělí kolem nich také - je to paráda.

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